1 Test Route 6c+ 15m

This route is a pile of choss / El chosso

2 ★★ Another Lame Climb 8a+ 65m

If the holds were no so copious, there would be no hope. / -

3 ★★★ Super Snappy's Home Made Salsa 7b 12m

You get the idea! / Si, claro!

4 Incomplete Details 7c+ {$length}

If you leave something out, it'll screw up / Ay caramba

99 ★★ Hacky Fix 7a/7a+ -

Maybe just use a dash if unknown, i'll try think of something… / hurra!

99 ★★ Hacky Fix 7a/7a+ -

{$desc-eng} / {$desc-esp}

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